Ditch The Junk

Say Goodbye To Bloating, Fatigue & Crankiness & Get Back To A Healthy Way Of Eating 

Ditch The Junk In Just 7 Days With My Free Challenge

In just 7 days you’ll go from feeling drained to energized, foggy thinking to clear headed and know exactly what to eat.  

You can start anytime!

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  • You get a list of the foods that you will want to avoid
  • Real foods that you can still eat 
  • 1 week menu with recipes 
  • The what why and how of avoiding processed foods  

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Hi, I'm Jordann

I'm a pharmacist and metabolic syndrome health coach on a mission to teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle and use the minimum amount of medication as possilble. 

Yes, I want to help you prevent or get off medication!

Dealing with your high blood pressure or blood sugar can be overwhelming if you don't know where to start with your diet to lower your numbers. 

The number one thing you can do is to reduce how much processed foods you are eating.  

Do you realize how much processed food you are eating?  

Have you ever known anyone who says that they don’t eat processed food but then take a swig out of their Nestle Iced Tea bottle, or take another handful of their microwave popcorn? I see it all the time with new clients.  

“I don’t eat processed food”, they say. I find them eating sugary cereal at breakfast, granola bars for a snack, diet pop and canned soup at lunch, and noodles and sauce for supper. 

Yes those are all processed foods my dear.  

I have a challenge for you…  

Can you go 1 week without eating your beloved processed foods?  

I know it is a big challenge and I am not taking this undertaking lightly. BUT it is only 1 week and I know you can do this.  

I guarantee that if you can ditch the junk, you'll see your numbers come down and you'll take less medications.  

You can do this I will provide you with everything you need. 

After this week you will feel:  

· No more bloating · No more sugar cravings · Delighted at the decrease on the scale · Increased energy · More vitality  

The cost of this program is FREE yes I said FREE.  

My entry level programs start in the hundreds so sign up for this and get some valuable tools from a pharmacist & metabolic syndrome health coach and skip all the fad diets that will leave you starving and fatigued.  

Click the button to sign up and challenge your friends by forwarding them this link so they can sign up too.  

Even if you have done this type of challenge with me before, this is a great way to get started.