You're doctor has threatened to put you on medications if you don't change your lifestyle 

...but you don't know where to start and you've never been able to stick to anything. 

Health Coaching: Get in control of your health and lower your numbers naturally

How are you supposed to do it all on your own?

I get it, I have watched my family go through the pain and suffering of not taking action when they were first diagnosed and now they can't take it back. 

I sat on the sidelines even though I knew exactly what they needed to do to prevent all the complications that came later. 

I'm not standing on the sidelines anymore. 

I'm a pharmacist and health coach and I know that blood pressure and diabetes can be controlled and lowered naturally....and help prevent unnecessary medications.

Yes, a pharmacist doesn't want you to be on medications if there is another way (and neither does your doctor).

I get that you're stressed out and worried about your future. And that's why I'm here to help  

  Are you feeling like:  

Not sure where to start- You don’t know who’s advice to follow and it’s overwhelming to think about having to change your lifestyle and spending more time away from your family

Hard to stick to a diet- Ever since your doctor has told you that you need to clean up your diet you just haven’t been able to stick with it even though you know what you should be doing 

Stressed about your health- You are constantly worried about your numbers being high or what you should be doing about them to get them lower 

What else can I do- You’ve already tried beet juice, diet changes, stopped alcohol, gave up fried foods, or you gave up the foods you love

  No accountability- You’ve started different diets but then you keep falling off the wagon and you’re just so tired of even trying anymore 

No more worrying about if you're going to miss your daughter's wedding because you were in the hospital

  • Know where to start- Stop going in circles and start putting one foot in front of the other with my simple and easy step-by-step ‘ADD it in’ system to getting started with your diet

  • Stick with it- You’ll actually be able to follow through to reach your health goals. The key here is guidance and accountability.  
  • Decreased stress- Let me teach you a sustainable way to stick with your diet. Decrease your stress and stop having to worry about the numbers.  
  • No More Guesswork- You'll know what to do next. No more guess work or figuring it out on your own, not knowing what to expect.  
  • Accountability- This is the best part. You’ll have me right by your side to help you reach your goals and develop a sustainable plan that will get your BP and BS under control  
  • In Control- You'll know what steps to take to take back control of your numbers. You'll work with your doctor and now what to expect at each visit.  
  • Feel Confident- Confidently make better, smarter, healthier food choices that will change the way you feel about yourself and help your body regulate your blood pressure and blood sugar...  
  • Feel Better- Reduce gas, bloating, and fatigue by eating nutritious foods that don't bog down your digestive system with toxins...  
  • Fuel Your Body - Feel a natural energy boost and actually feel full when you eliminate sugar cravings by fueling your body with the nourishing foods it craves...  
  • Freedom- Create a simple, sustainable framework for continuous improvement in your health and eating habits... instead of more restrictive diets that result in binges and you feeling like a failure that spike your BP and BS.  
  • Energized- Have more energy to finish your daily tasks and play with your kids while taking control of your health... all without ever having to suffer through feelings of deprivation…  

Imagine if:

Imagine yourself 3 months from now, what would your life look like if you achieved what you set out to do? 

Would that mean you have more energy for friends and family, reducing or getting off one of your medications, not stressing about your health? 

Imagine going in for your next doctor’s appointment. Your blood pressure is low enough to remove one of your medications or prevent one from being added. 

You leave with a sigh of relief; you don't have to worry about your blood pressure anymore.  


Health Coaching:

I help you

  • Health coaching is a process that facilitates healthy, sustainable behavior change by challenging you to listen to your inner wisdom, identify your values, and transform your goals into action. 
  • Facilitates real, long-lasting change or transformation 
  • HOW you do it is up to you but you don’t know where to start  
  • Balance your blood sugar and lower your blood pressure through healthy lifestyle strategies  
  • Define and help you reach your goals 
  • Develop a strong and powerul mindset 
  • Establish healthy habits that fit into your life  
  • Learn exactly what food to eat and avoid to reach your goals 
  • Learn tactics to manage stress
  • How to get started with exercise
  • How to live the best life YOU want  

Benefits of Health Coaching:

  • Controlled blood pressure 
  • Balanced blood sugar 
  • Decreased cholesterol 
  • Increased energy 
  • Strong and powerful mindset 
  • Healthy habits 
  • And more!!!